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PROSHARP Skate Sharpening

Time Out Sports is bringing you the best sharpening technology to keep you one stride ahead of the competition. We Guarantee our sharpens will improve your skating! You will receive a consistent sharpening experience, blade profiling to elevate your game and added confidence knowing your skates will be perfect every time.

Come in today and ask which PROSHARP sharpening will be best for your skating needs. Remember, We Guarantee it will improve your skating!

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Sani Sport Equipment Sanitation

Time Out Sports provides equipment sanitation using the Sani Sport equipment sanitation machine. The Sani Sport machine is the most widely used equipment cleaning machine endorsed by the NHL, the Canadian Prison System and the Department of Homeland Security. It kills bacteria and helps to eliminate those nasty odours.

Drop your sports gear off today and have it cleaned the right way with Sani Sport.

Flat Bottom V Skate Sharpening

Time Out Sports offers Flat Bottom V Skate Sharpening which combines sharp edges with a shallow hollow. This method of skate sharpening has been shown to provide superior gliding and turning while reducing the amount of fatigue a player experiences during a game. The Flat Bottom V has been praised by sports researchers and is the preferred sharpening method for many NHL players.

Come in today and ask about Flat Bottom V Skate Sharpening. You have to try it to believe it!

Hockey Skate & Boot Stretching

Feet come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, not all shoes and skates fit perfectly the first time we try them on. This is made especially true for people that have two different sized feet. Time Out Sports offers boot stretching to increase the length and/or width of hockey skates and other athletic footwear.

Bring your skates or boots to Time Out Sports today and get them stretched to fit your feet!

Custom Moulding

If you enjoy performing at your top level, then having the best equipment is important to you. Sometimes even the best equipment needs to be moulded to fit your body. Time Out Sports offers an array of custom moulding solutions to help make sure your sports equipment is both comfortable and fully functional.

Come in today and ask about out Custom Moulding Services.

Baseball Glove Re-Lacing

Baseball gloves are one of the pieces of sports equipment that garner a great deal of sentiment and personality. With use, the leather in a glove softens and takes on the precise shape of the owner's hand. However, this softening can also cause the strings in the glove to break or become lose. Time Out Sports offers softball and baseball glove re-lacing.

Drop your glove off today to get it re-laced and feeling like new!