Goalie - Accessories

Bauer Elite Padded Goalie Knee Guards - Senior

Features & Benefits: -Designed for Goalie specific impact protection at knee area -Ergonomic left and right knee guards work in conjunction with goal pads -Revolutionary 37.5® Technology maximizes evaporation of moisture for... Learn More


Bauer Goalie Mask Stickers

Customize your look with the Bauer Goalie Mask Sticker kit. Learn More


Bauer NG Elite Padded Goalie Long Sleeve Base Layer Top - Senior

Goalies can defend the net with an added level of protection and performance. This shirt is designed with FleXorb technology where goalies need it most—in the clavicle, chest and rib... Learn More


Bauer Supreme Goalie Knee Guards- Junior (2018)

FEATURES: 37.5 technology and Sanitized technology FleXorb front plate Vent Armor foam Grip print strapping One Size Learn More


Big Pad Skinz

Looking to make a small change to your whole set or have a bigger idea in mind for just your leg pads? This kit’s for you! When you buy this... Learn More


BioSteel High Performance Sports Mix Tube- 12 Pack

About BioSteel’s flagship product provides hydration and electrolyte replacement, as well as sustained energy without the use of sugar or caffeine. This premium mix contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins... Learn More


BioSteel Nutritional Bars - Blueberry

About - Price is Per One (1) Bar BioSteel's whole food snack bars are packed with key ingredients from real foods such as dates, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and cranberries. These... Learn More


Brian's Goalie Stick Bag

Features of the Brian's Goalie Stick Bag: -Water resistant -600D Nylon Construction -Black -Fits up to two senior goalie sticks Learn More


Buttendz Sentry Goal Grip

Buttendz first Goalie specific knob. It can described as perfect. The knob is bigger than most player knobs, giving the tendy ultimate control when poke checking or grabbing the stick... Learn More


CCM Custom Support Footbed

With full contact of the foot's sole, the myofiscal structure of the foot is fullly activated stimulating greater reaction in the foot muscles for enhanced speed. Specs Top Layer Breathable... Learn More


CCM Goalie Garter Belt

A must for all goalies using any CCM goalie knee protection, this garter belt helps to keep knee protectors in place while giving you the freedom to makes saves without... Learn More


Edge Again Non-Motorized Sharpening Device

In life, everyone needs an EDGE. In hockey, you can't win without one! Package Contents: -1 EA-4MH Device -1 Diamond Coated Tusk Tusk's Function & Capabilities: -Micro sharpens four sides... Learn More


Goalie Blade Tape

Better grip on hockey puck Super light weight blade tape Durable - outlasts conventional tape Repels water - no snow/ice build-up Quick and easy to apply Better hockey stick handling... Learn More


Goalie Blade Tape

FEATURES: FAST & EASY TO APPLY - With it's peel'n'stick technology, simply remove the BladeTape with its pull tab and apply BladeTape easily in less than 30 seconds! BETTER GRIP... Learn More


Lizard Skins 0.5mm Solid Hockey Stick Grip Tape

Constructed with Dura Soft Polymer (DSP), creating a true stick feel with virtually no thickness added to the shaft. Allows for a responsive feel delivering the most explosiveness from your... Learn More


Lowry Pro Grade Stick Tape - 30mm x 25m

Pro-Grade tape reduces fraying Made in the USA Water-resistant material makes for longer lasting tape jobs Learn More


Lowry Sports Pro Grade Stick Tape - 30mm x 12m

Pro-Grade tape reduces fraying Made in the USA Water-resistant material makes for longer lasting tape jobs Learn More


Mr. Zogs Sex Wax

Prevent water saturation to tape and enhance puck control with Sex Wax Hockey Wax. Wax color denotes fragrance of each bar. Choose from Coconut/White, Strawberry/Red, Pineapple/Yellow, or Grape/Purple. Learn More


Sidelines Magic-Stick Skate Tool

The Magic Stick is a hand-held skate sharpening tool. As your edges become more dull and wear down, the Magic-Stick restores your blades and brings the edge back to them,... Learn More


SKLZ Reaction Ball

Increase your hand-eye coordination to increase your chances of winning. Used by multiple athletes across a wide array of sports, the SKLZ Reaction Ball is a rubber, six-sided ball that... Learn More


Superfeet Carbon

Breakthrough design combines the strength of carbon fiber with ultralight foam to create the most innovative, high performance Superfeet insole ever. FEATURES BIOMECHANICAL SHAPE CARBON FIBER STABILIZER CAP The base... Learn More


Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey

Up to 11% better acceleration on the ice, unrivaled edge control and exceptional energy transfer. Designed for tight turns, crossovers, quick starts and hard stops, Superfeet CARBON Pro Hockey is... Learn More


Superfeet Yellow

An elevated heel and biomechanical shape help to stabilize your foot and improve the energy transfer between you and your skates or pedals for greater power, control and comfort. FEATURES... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "The Adventurer" Solid Cologne

  Sporty and aquatic, top notes of grapefruit, bergamot, and fresh ozone, followed by gentle middle notes of watery-green-leaf, neroli and rosemary, and ending with musky notes of spruce and... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "The Beast" Solid Cologne

 Lemongrass coupled with fresh notes of mandarin & tangerine followed by manly hints of cardamom, pepper, and base notes of neroli,  cedarwood, sandalwood, deep green moss and patchouli. GGGRRRR! Men Don’t... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "The Gentleman" Beard Balm

The Gentleman is a very lightly scented beard balm. Light citrus notes. We all know beards are babe magnets, but their pull is so strong, they can also attract the... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "The Gentleman" Solid Cologne

A wonderful masculine scent. Citrus and light, with refreshing notes of floral and musk. Men Don’t Stink freshly canned colognes are alcohol free, and more subtle than traditional cologne. We’re... Learn More


Warrior Ritual X Goalie Jock - Junior

The Warrior Ritual X junior Goalie Jock provides top protection for today's younger players. Features: -Ergonomic abdomen pad -Soft cushioned liner -Lightweight and protective Learn More