Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Skate Review

Bauer is set to release the Supreme Ultrasonic skate, the newest flagship model for the Supreme line, and it's packed with plenty of new features and improvements over the 2S Pro. There's plenty of new technology to look forward to, so here's a quick look at what players can expect. 

One of the biggest changes that Bauer is making to skates moving forward is introducing the Fit System. Rather than using traditional D and EE skate widths, Bauer is introducing Fit 1, Fit 2, and Fit 3. They're also making it so that a player can have any of the three fits with any skate. 

Here's why it's important. By doing so, Bauer is able to separate the technology and features attributed to a certain skate with the fit. In the past, it might have been difficult for a player to fit into a Supreme skate, even if the skate's technology fits their player profile. 

Players are now encouraged and able to select a skate based on what fits their playstyle best -- are they better suited for quick strides and multiple crossovers, or do they prefer long, powerful strides up the ice? 

From there, they can select the fit that's best for their foot. Fit 1 will cater towards players with a narrow forefoot and lower-profile; Fit 2 will attract players with a rounded-heel and a wider foot; Fit 3 is best for players with a large, wide, voluminous foot. 

If you tend to build your game around strong, traditional strides, the Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic is definitely worth looking at. One of the most notable changes, outside of aesthetics, is the Unibody Sole -- an outsole that's been pushed slightly higher, allowing for a stiff, locked-in fit and better energy transfer. It's a simple innovation that will go a long way for players that want a powerful stride. 

The sole is paired with Bauer's ultra-popular Curv composite quarter-package, which has decorated the brand's flagship line for years now. It's lightweight, provides exceptional energy transfer, and gives a great, customized fit when heat-moulded. 

Other popular returning features are the Reflex Pro tongue and tendon guard, both of which received upgrades for this year's model. The tongue and tendon guard both act as springboards, ultimately extending the amount of forward flex while skating and helping to lengthen a player's stride. 

Supreme fans will also notice that Bauer has opted to remove the adjustable inserts of the Reflex Pro tendon guard since many players would opt to use the 2S Pro without them. 

Another small, but welcome change is the introduction of an Asymmetrical toe cap, similar to what's found on the Vapor line. It offers a better wrap around the toes, which ultimately leads to more foot stability and support. 

Finally, the last major improvement made to the Ultrasonic is Bauer's new Tuuk LS Pulse TI, a performance skate blade with a titanium coating. The titanium coating will go a long way since it helps retain an edge better, as well as extends the time in between sharpens. 

Overall, the Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic brings fantastic technology into the Supreme family. Not to mention, the company's new fit system makes the skate worth looking at -- no matter what your foot type is.