Goalie - Sticks - Intermediate

CCM 1060 Foam Core Goal Stick - Intermediate (2015)

CCM 1060 Foam Core Goal Stick - Intermediate (2015)

For the goalie demanding lightweight performance with an Aspen core and fiberglass handle. Features: Blade: Full graphite blade provides the goalie exceptional feel and control. Paddle: Foam core with fiberglass... Learn More



CCM Extreme Flex III Goal Stick - Intermediate (2017)

CCM's new Extreme Flex III foam core line is the result of close collaboration with CCM's NHL goalies. By improving the consistency and weight of our shafts, we are able... Learn More


Warrior Ritual CR2 Intermediate Goalie Stick

The Warrior Ritual CR2 goalie stick features VibexLite which is a vibration reduction technology which reduces the vibrations commonly felt with a composite goal stick. The HiFused Construction gives the... Learn More


Warrior Ritual CR3 23.5" Goalie Stick- Intermediate- Special Edition

The Warrior Ritual CR3 goal stick is completely new for 2017, with brand new features to develop your game. SlideGrip Technology helps you keep a firm grip on your paddle... Learn More