Goalie - Catch Gloves - Senior

CCM Axis Goalie Catch Glove- Senior

Experience the lightweight protection and coverage of the new axis glove. Engineered for a game-ready feel, you’ll be making glove saves all day long. FEATURES: TECHNOLOGIESD3O and SpeedSkinCUFF/THUMBOne-Piece for maximum... Learn More


CCM Premier Pro Catch Glove - Senior

CCM Premier Pro Catch Glove - Senior

The first one-piece catch glove to earn mass pro appeal is ready to break standards again by integrating D3O® smart foam technology into the catching surface. Meet the CCM Premier... Learn More
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Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Goalie Catch Glove- Senior

FEATURES: CoverEDGE+ maximizes coverage using Warrior's innovative face forward design Tee construction increases pocket size Lightweight design with high quality materials Superior protection AxyFlex Tee Clean construction  Comes stock with... Learn More