Goalie - Catch Gloves - Junior

Brian's G-Netik 8.0 Goalie Catch Glove- Junior

Brian's G-Netik 8.0 Goalie Catch Glove- Junior

FEATURES: Game Ready - Game ready palm with 35 degree break angle No Slip Grip - No slip, SBA synthetic palm and wrist pad Double T - Ultra wide double... Learn More



Brian's Optik 9.0 Goalie Catch Glove- Junior

FEATURES: 40 degree break Redesigned shape and singlet. Larger pocket and overall presentation No slip grip- SBA material though the hand offers a comfortable feel that provides tack as the... Learn More


CCM Extreme Flex E4.5 Goalie Catcher- Junior

FEATURES: CUFF/THUMBOne Piece. Maximum coverage.BREAK/ANGLE600. Middle of hand closure.PALM STIFFNESSGame-ready fit. Easy break-in.WRIST STRAPWebbing strap. Quick easy adjustment.POCKETDouble straight tee. Helps track the puck.FINGER GUARDLow density finger padding. Great protection.CUFF/THUMB... Learn More


CCM Premier P2.5 Goalie Catch Glove- Junior- Source Exclusive

The new Source Exclusive CCM Premier 2.5 catch glove is designed with new performance features to deliver pro-level performance without the pro-level price. With Source Exclusive features you can't find... Learn More


Warrior Ritual G4 Goal Catcher- Junior

FEATURES: Super lightweight design with highest quality materials New HyperComp reinforced protection AxyFlex Tee Clean Construction Optional Liner: 60, 90, 75, & 75 INT Optional: R/G4 & R/G4 Classic Graphic... Learn More