Goalie - Catch Gloves - Junior

CCM Extreme Flex E3.5 Catch Glove - Junior

Puck heading top corner? Flash some quick leather with the new Extreme Flex E3.5 Pro Catch Glove, complete with a new Double T Pocket, a new one-piece cuff design, and... Learn More


CCM Premier R1.5 Catch Glove - Junior

The intuitive fit and comfortable hand closure placements of the Premier series catch glove help with the overall catching area by expanding the glove save sweet spot. SPECS Cuff/Thumb SR... Learn More


Warrior Ritual G3 Trapper - Junior

The Ritual G3 Jr.. Trapper is the ultimate goaltender catch glove. Emphasizing clean lines and cutting edge technologies, you'll be sure to be bringing windmill saves to rink near you.... Learn More