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Captodor Athlete Hand Purifying Hyrdo-Gel

KILLS ODOR-CAUSING BACTERIA THAT REMAIN ON HANDS AFTER WEARING GLOVES CAPTODOR® Hand purifying hydro-gel is your solution to remove odors left on the hands by sport gloves (hockey, soccer, baseball,... Learn More


Captodor Odor Destroyer Sport Laundry Detergent

The Captodor Odor Destroyer Sport Laundry Detergent is a unique laundry formula, optimized to efficiently dislodge dirt and unpleasant perspiration odors that particularly adhere to the synthetic fibers of sportswear.... Learn More


PowAir Penetrator Spray - 500mL

Formulated with Odorchem's crafted blend of 40 essential oils, incorporated with a new, powerful range of microbial enzymes, PowAir Penetrator Spray uses all of the latest technology in odour/bacteria destruction to make sure... Learn More


Sidelines Odour Absorber

Use Sidelines Odour Absorber to absorb unwanted odours leaving your environment fresh and lightly scented.  Great to use in locker rooms, closets, vehicles, and everywhere you can think of storing... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "Boys Don't Stink" Gift Set

Don’t be a pig! Time to separate the men from the boys with Walton Wood Farms' Boys Don’t Stink personal grooming gift set, Blue Edition. This cool set comes equipped with:... Learn More