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Clap Balm Hockey Hand Deoderant

Clap Balm Hockey Hand Deodorant's are best at room temperature. Leave tin closed when not in use. Apply product to dry hand for best results.  Original blend is infused with... Learn More


Fresh Body Fresh Feet Lotion

Make sure your feet stay as game ready as you are with Fresh Feet Lotion. This lotion applies as a soothing cream then dries into a cooling power. Designed to... Learn More
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Kogi Naturals Beer Soap - I Am Canadian

Founded by John Molson in Montreal in 1768, Molson's Brewery originated in a wooden building on the shores of the St. Lawrence river.  The Montreal facility is the oldest brewery... Learn More


Kogi Naturals Beer Soap - Shaggy Head

We started with a base of Warthog beer from the Big Rock Brewery in Alberta.  We've added LOTS of honey to hydrate and soothe skin, hair and scalp. This bar has... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "The Adventurer" Solid Cologne

  Sporty and aquatic, top notes of grapefruit, bergamot, and fresh ozone, followed by gentle middle notes of watery-green-leaf, neroli and rosemary, and ending with musky notes of spruce and... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "Boys Don't Stink" Gift Set

Don’t be a pig! Time to separate the men from the boys with Walton Wood Farms' Boys Don’t Stink personal grooming gift set, Blue Edition. This cool set comes equipped with:... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "The Beast" Solid Cologne

 Lemongrass coupled with fresh notes of mandarin & tangerine followed by manly hints of cardamom, pepper, and base notes of neroli,  cedarwood, sandalwood, deep green moss and patchouli. GGGRRRR! Men Don’t... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "The Canadian" Hand Rescue

It’s Canada. Of course your hands are rugged from all that mountain climbing, portaging, and beer can opening. For hands softer than your plaid jacket, and as nice as any... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "The Canadian" Solid Cologne

From the True North! He’s strong. He’s free. Smells like a Canadian to me. Maple bark and wild portage trail scent embodies the essence of his strappin’ resolve, yet kind... Learn More
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Walton Wood Farm "The Gentleman" Beard Balm

The Gentleman is a very lightly scented beard balm. Light citrus notes. We all know beards are babe magnets, but their pull is so strong, they can also attract the... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "The Gentleman" Hand Rescue

Well-mannered hands have a softer touch with our Shea butter, cocoa butter, and Japanese Green Tea Hand Rescue. Citrus and mahogany scent. 4 oz. Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "The Gentleman" Power Shower

Hot date? Whisky tasting? Meeting of the cigar club? Get jazzed up with this clean and crisp power shower, and then get dry-like your martinis and wit. Can also be... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "The Gentleman" Solid Cologne

A wonderful masculine scent. Citrus and light, with refreshing notes of floral and musk. Men Don’t Stink freshly canned colognes are alcohol free, and more subtle than traditional cologne. We’re... Learn More


Walton Wood Farm "The Snipe Show" Solid Cologne

Masculine fragrance, with a splash of orange, middle-notes of petitgrain, jasmine and rose, followed by base-notes of amber, white musk, and rosewood. Men Don’t Stink freshly canned colognes are alcohol... Learn More
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Walton Wood Farm Whoop-Ass Athlete's Soak

Men Don’t Stink, but they do take baths. Pour 1/3 cup into a warm bath. May cause sweating (that’s a good thing). Ease the pain from the strain and slip... Learn More


Walton Wood Farms "The Gentleman" Beard Wash - 8 oZ.

"Dry is for martinis, not facial hair. Turn that beastly nest into a Gentleman’s mane with this citrus and mahogany, Argan oil and vitamin E, super conditioning beard wash. Let’s... Learn More